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For many healthcare organizations, their largest software investments are in Epic as their EMR and PeopleSoft as their ERP. As these organizations are discovering, there are substantial staff, operational, and support efficiencies that can be gained through the integration of these two complex systems.

Reduces Operating Costs

Reduces the need to manually cycle count and issue material from PeopleSoft for Epic consumption.

Eliminates Redundancies

Eliminates duplication of efforts in cycle counting and inventory reconciliation providing a 10% increase in operational efficiencies

Eases Support

Incorporates Epic and PeopleSoft in a harmonized business process improving synergy for projects and system maintenance

Improves Patient Safety and Outcome

Validates Epic Item and Location data in the PeopleSoft (source) Inventory system prior to Epic scheduling (Item Master Interface)

Recognizes Epic material usage and demand prior to consumption to allow quicker response to problems and improve requirements analysis

Increases Data Integrity

Validates Epic Item and Location data in the PeopleSoft (source) Inventory system prior to Epic scheduling (Item Master Interface)

Streamlines Workflow Processes

Combines both Epic and PeopleSoft steps in the overall SCM process to provide the foundation for improved control and knowledge transfer

Increases Operational Efficiencies

Improves quality, system effectiveness, and overall productivity, which has shown results of more than 20% increase in staff efficiency.

Do You Experience These Epic and PeopleSoft User Challenges?

There are multiple challenges that organizations face in their utilization of both Epic and PeopleSoft.  These challenges may result in not only duplication of efforts, but can reduce user confidence in both systems.  Identified Epic and PeopleSoft integration challenges include:

  • Inventory processes span both Epic and PeopleSoft systems, but users are setup and trained in only one system.

  • The inventory process does not support cycle counting and inventory reconciliation (i.e. physical does not match perpetual inventory).

  • Processes and items span multiple users and are subject to interpretation and misunderstandings.

  • Replenishment is not forward looking and is not analyzed against actual history demand.

  • There are too many unsecured inventory locations and replenishment paths.

  • Exception and shortage handling results in time constraints by both the Material Handlers and Technicians.

  • There is a high volume of material movement, including a large percentages of single unit transactions.

  • There is volatility in the surgery schedule, which may include cancellations and return rates.

  • Data integrity issues require troubleshooting and manual workarounds.

  • Special conditions require manual intervention and management.

Our Consulting Team Can Help

Certified partners with both Oracle and Epic, the team of New Resources Consulting (NRC) and Clinical Path Consulting (CPC) provides a proven consulting partnership with professionals certified in both systems, a thorough understanding of relevant business processes, and the technical skills to successfully integrate the two systems.

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