Unexpected Emergencies Consume IT Professionals Workday

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Unexpected Emergencies Consume IT Professionals Workday

It is a known fact that IT professionals have to adapt to unexpected technology emergencies. However, did you know that IT professionals spend almost one-third of their average workday identifying, troubleshooting, and resolving these unplanned situations? “The 1E 2017 IT Incident Response Report,” a recent survey of 1,014 IT professionals ranging from administration to managers conducted by 1E, a provider of software lifecycle automation solutions, found that:

More than 29% of every workday is spent by IT professionals reacting to unplanned incidents or emergencies – the equivalent of more than 14 weeks a year.
More than 56% of those tasks are due to operations issues, outages, performance and troubleshooting, with 41% of them as help desk requests.
On average, it takes 5x longer to resolve an issue than to identify the problem.
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