5 Ideas for Real IT Savings

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5 Ideas for Real IT Savings


New software applications have more advanced functionality, greater integration capabilities, and modern user interfaces, but organizations continue to retain outdated, unsupported applications to ensure their valuable data remains captured.  This may result in a decrease in system performance, duplicate workforce efforts….and, most importantly, a costly IT maintenance budget.

Mission-critical business applications generate crucial data that must be retained – for audits, regulatory compliance, and financial accountability purposes.  However, you should be able to maintain this valuable data without keeping the expensive application software maintenance that goes with it.

The 5 Ideas For Real IT Savings webinar will cover the following:  

Idea #1: Retire first generation Electronic Medical Record software
Idea #2: Decommission Software Applications
Idea #3: Retire technical obsolescence
Idea #4: Archive inactive data
Idea #5: Use a combination of Big Data and Electronic Content Management 

Martin Sizemore
Vice President, Clinical Path Solutions
Chief Data Officer, Wake Forest Baptist Health

Join Martin Sizemore, Vice President of Clinical Path Solutions and Chief Data Officer at Wake Forest Health, as he discusses 5 Ideas for Real IT Savings, a webinar that addresses proven concepts to execute that will generate real IT savings.