Oracle BI Cloud – Centralized Analytic Tools

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Oracle BI Cloud – Centralized Analytic Tools

Highlights of Oracle BI Cloud

Faster and Predictive Business Decisions
Dynamic Analytic Tools
Security Mitigation
Simplified Approach to Analyzing Organization Information
Interactive and User Friendly
With Oracle Transitional Business Intelligence (OTBI) users have the ability to create interactive reports for better analyses using Oracle BI Cloud. Typical obstacles to solid analytics include the misunderstanding of system tools, inconsistent data, and lack of visibility or understanding of how and where data is stored.

With OTBI, reports provide drill down capability to take a deeper dive into organization data. Custom reports can be created to implement into dashboards and have real time analytics from the moment users login.

Oracle BI Cloud offers simplified and mobile reporting platform that allows:

Clean Visual Representation of data by having the ability to filter between different attributes and allow users to filter through their diverse workforce.
Simplified approach to analyzing organization information through business intelligent reporting to take your data and turn it into meaningful information. These reports are not only convenient they are very user friendly and easy to use. Update information on the fly on your desktop, tablet, or cellphone. Build it once and get rid of the ad Hoc reporting; getting consistent reports.
Ability to export to offline, along with multiple output formats including: CSV, XML, Excel, HTML, RTF, and PDF.
Real time information through Predictive Insights and Dashboards that allows users to dive deeper into individual and team data. It’s dynamic in the aspect that you can choose from looking at the whole organization, a specific department, and specific individuals. It’s easy to digest and incredibly useful to improve your organizations business processes.
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